Where To Get The Best Vegan Cream Teas In Britain

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person holding cream tea, and second image a surfer

Once you hear about this place, you will be packing your bags and heading straight to Devon

Willow’s Tea Room is based in Landkey, North Devon, and it was probably one of my most memorable eating experiences of the whole trip.

The cafe is 100% vegan, and they offer plant-based cream teas AS WELL AS savoury cream teas – so we of course had to order both.

person holding scone
Willows Tea Room Sweet Scones

Willow’s is not far from major surf beaches, but set on a quaint Devonshire street all on its own. The interior is also pretty with flowers, chalkboards, chintzy beach decor, and a calm, friendly ambience. It’s the sort of place that serves vegan shortbreads with every cuppa…and they do!

The owners are husband & wife team Lorri & Cameron, and they couldn’t be more welcoming, with locals always dropping-in to say hi and have an oat flat white.

person spreading chutney on scone
Savoury Scones at Willows Tea Room

But back to the food, and this might have been the first time ever that for mains we had a savoury cream tea, and for desserts a sweet cream tea.

Savoury Vegan Cream Tea

As you would hope when ordering scones, one huge, amber baked tower that needed no encouragement to rise in the oven arrived at the table. It was accompanied with lashings of dairy-free vegan soft cheeze, and homemade chutney. It was nothing short of ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Watch The Full Video of the Cream Tea Experience Below 

Sweet Vegan Cream Tea

Wow, the pressure this tearoom must feel to create scones that not only vegans will like, but are up to par with non-vegan scones at competitor cafes in the local area. Did they deliver?

Once again, huge fresh-baked scones arrived at our table. This time accompanied by homemade jams and dairy-free clotted cream – yes, you heard that right…CLOTTED CREAM! It was so good, and even went all claggy like real clotted cream does.

cafe owner
Lorri (Co-owner of Willows)

Trust us on this, on our  travels around the UK, you may find vegan scones, but rarely dairy-free clotted cream. It’s usually just vegan butter and jam, or vegan whipped cream (which is still nice, but not the same).

Willow’s Tea Room really delivered on the whole eating experience, and we even got to try some of their other menu bits (including a rather righteous mushroom KFC – trust us, try it!)

Willow’s Tearoom: Blakeshill Road, Landkey, Barnstaple EX32 0JH

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