We Checked Out What Coffee #1 Had For Vegans, And This Is What We Found

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woman holding coffee and wrap

With 100 locations across the UK,  Coffee #1 is fast becoming one of the most popular coffee chains for Brits – but what vegan food do they do?

Recently acquired by the Caffe Nero Group, Coffee #1 has just opened up its 100th stores in Britain, with 10 others opening just in the last year.  As complete Coffee #1 novices, we head into the cafe to see what they offer for vegans.

vegan meatball wrap next to a cup of coffee

Sweet Stuff

As well as a bumper list of tasty smoothies to choose from, they also have more naughtier items on the menu.

Tea Cake,  Dairy-free Spread & Jam

The size of a side plate, this is a great option if you want something cheap and filling. Comes with dairy-free butter (surprising how many places offer tea cakes to vegans without anything to moisten it) and jam. All jams are vegan, they also do marmalade and Marmite which is also vegan.

tea cake next to coffee jam and butter
Vegan Tea Cake at Coffee #1

Raspberry Croissant £1.70

You’ve seen it everywhere, including Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee,  but it’s still a great croissant. Medium-sized, served cold and layered with raspberry jam.

hand holding croissant
Vegan Raspberry Croissant at Coffee #1

Super Dark Chocolate Brownie £2.35

Brownies are almost becoming standard affair as a vegan option in non-vegan cafes these days. This one felt slightly-less straight-out-of-the-oven than a normal homemade brownie, but it was still rich & delicious.

brownie in cabinet display
Vegan Brownie at Coffee #1

Gluten-free Blackcurrant Crumble

It’s that little square, super sweet, the thing you see at cafes all over the UK –  does the job!

Vegan Scone

This option is on their website, but we haven’t seen it before, maybe it has been discontinued. Why don’t all cafes have vegan scones – they’d go down a treat with vegans?

Savoury Stuff

Vegan Meatball Wrap £4.50

Plant-based meatballs, tomato sauce, a small amount of kale, and vegan cheese. We actually prefer this wrap to the one offered at Starbucks.

hand holding a wrap
Vegan Meatball Wrap at Coffee #1

We will aim to keep this guide updated as new options come out, and fill in any prices that have been missed.

What vegan options should all chain cafes have? We mentioned scones, but how about a decent sponge cake too?

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