We Tried The New Vegan Waitrose Products, And This Is What We Thought…

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36 New Vegan & Veggie Products have just launched at Waitrose and we got our hands on some!

The new Plantlife range at Waitrose is entirely vegan and includes a vast choice of starters/snacks, main courses and also desserts.

These products started to appear in stores and online from 8th September, with even more exciting products launching in October 2021.

Tomato Rigatoni With Plantlife’s Mediterranean Sausages

We items that we tried were:

Mediterranean Style Vegetable Sausages  280g: £3.00

These are very tasty. They are bean based so are not ‘meat like’ but more whole foods plant based. They are full of flavour and I would definitely have them again.

Topped Garlic & Parsley Ciabatta Breadsticks 270g: £2.25

These were a real hit! We had them with a pasta dish and they were such a great addition. Crunchy, garlicky, cheesy vegan garlic bread sticks… what more could we ask for?!

Thai Style No Fishcakes 260g: £3.00

These are absolutely full of flavour. First off you get a kick from the lemongrass, and then all the other yummy Thai flavours start coming through. These would maybe be a good addition to a Thai curry or even just a snack on their own.

Thai No Fish Cakes

Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burgers 200g: £3.00

These burgers are absolutely full of flavour. Texture-wise, you can definitely tell these are mushroom based, which is in no way a negative point. Combined with a soft bun, a good vegan cheese, some dips and chips and you have yourself the perfect dinner!

No Chicken Samosa 200g: £2.50

These definitely pack a punch! Not for anyone that is sensitive to spice, unless you have a barrel of vegan coconut yoghurt by your side. I absolutely loved these little pockets full of curried veggies and a chicken alternative.


My experience with the new range has been nothing but brilliant so far! I’ve heard such good feedback from others too. I hear that their desserts are pretty epic, so I have my heart set on trying the Chocolate & Caramel Pots ASAP. Also there’s word (on the internet and on the streets) that their dauphinoise potatoes are really good. 

Has anyone else tried these products or have any suggestions on what we need to try next? 

See the reel we made for the range here:


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